Frequently Asked Questions

I am a community member, how can I support or volunteer with Project Backboard? 

Follow us @project_backboard on Instagram for up to date volunteer opportunities.  You can support our work directly by donating or purchasing limited edition art or Project Backboard gear through our web-store.    

If you have a particular talent that you feel would be useful to our mission please let us know and we are happy to discuss a collaboration.  You can also always support the mission by caring for your own local park – cleaning trash, replacing worn basketball nets, etc.    

I am a community member/community organization, can Project Backboard come to my city? 

Yes! But not without your help. Please read our renovation guide which covers how to start a project. We rely on local partners to identify parks, get tentative permission from parks departments and get quotes for court repairs.    

I am a community member/community organization, can Project Backboard fund a court renovation in my city? 

While we are always happy to assist anyone who wants to plan a basketball court renovation we do not currently have the ability to fund projects ourselves.  Once a solid project plan is in place we can help create local a funding plan and put a request out to our network of funding partners.

I am an artist, can Project Backboard help me paint a basketball court? 

Yes!  For our renovations to be successful it is important for the artist to have some connection with the community where they are working.  Identify a basketball court that has meaning for you and is in need of repairs and then read our renovation guide and artist to guide to start the process of getting permission from parks department and quotes from local contractors.    

If you are excited about our work but are unable to identify a court or get permission and quotes please feel free to reach out to and let us know your interest.  We may not have a court in your city right away but you will be on out list of possible artists if an opportunity does come up in your city.  Outside of basketball court renovations we are always open to proposals from artists for other ways we can work together.    

I am a municipality, city or parks department, can Project Backboard come to my city? 

Yes!  Please reach out to and we are happy to help plan a renovation project.  We do not have funding to support projects ourselves but we can always collaborate to identify funding partners and possible artists.    

I would like to fund a court renovation or other collaborative project, how can I support Project Backboard?

Please reach out to to start a conversation!